Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before agreeing to our service. All the Terms and Conditions are compulsory to be followed.

  1. Client is required to make 50% deposit payment of the selected package price to secure your booking date. Your date is only secured right after the deposit has been made.

  2. Client are obligated to make another 30% of the payment for agreed package within one week after ceremony. If Client failed to make the transaction, editing process will not be proceed until payment is made.

  3. Client must pay the remaining 20% for agreed package before all edited photos is given or frames/photobook/exclusive pendrive is ordered by Ulala Photo team.

  4. The production team (Ulala Photo) will have the rights to publish/post the product on official website and social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.) for marketing purposes.

  5. Ulala Photo shall have the photo/video/frame/photobook/exclusive pendrive ready within one to four (1-4) months from the date of last event. However, this duration does not include weekends and public holidays. If delays happens, Ulala Photo has the rights to adjust the delivery date to another date that will be informed later in order to preserve the highest quality of the final products.

  6. For video, the client is only allowed to make one time changes, any further adjustment on the video from the customer will cause additional charge. (RM350 for any additional changes).

  7. If there is no response from the clients regarding the photo selection or any other matters related after ten (10) working days from the date client received our email, phone, SMS, or Whatsapp, Ulala Photo is not bound to keep the photos and will not be responsible on the delay and the safekeeping of the photos.

  8. Client is not permitted to interfere during the process of editing photos, photobook or video preparation. Third-party intervention (parents/family members) will not be entertained.

  9. If there is any damage to Ulala Photo's equipment caused by Client (including family members or friends) during the event, Client need to pay the full price of the equipment. 

  10. Ulala Photo will not be held responsible for any property damages or cost lost due to cancellation. 

  11. If cancellation is made by Client (except due to MCO) after deposit payment, Client will be penalize as compensation to Ulala Photo where refund of :

    • Only 50% of total deposit for deposit payment more than RM400

    • No refund, if deposit payment is less than RM400

  12. All personal informations and details of Client and Ulala Photo team are confidential where it shall not be exposed to public unless a case of fraud or irresponsible act takes place.

  13. In the case of fraud or irresponsible act on behalf of Ulala Photo team, Client reserves the right to lodge any report.


* Payment of the deposit shall be deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.